ShuttleOne.Network Testnet
The ShuttleOne testnet on Goerli for testing of supply and demand economics of the ShuttleOne.Network. This is a comprehensive guide for beginners to interacting with the ShuttleOne.Network Testnets.

What You Will Learn

  1. 1.
    How to download and install a Metamask Wallet
  2. 2.
    How to load ShuttleOne's tokens into the wallet
  3. 3.
    How to obtain test tokens to participate in the ShuttleOne.Network

ShuttleOne TestNet

ShuttleOne Faucet


Dai(S1)_v2 0x09bdbe368914af6f76bc70d2ce373e2c77ad94de
USDC1 0x82ea2104fa9edac604a59cd93148452c2121da23
USDT1 0x830b7e0fb577344d68563463c5b9aa6d2d2b090a
szDAIAddrGoerli 0xE9184b7232d8f0930C8d8883e7B714da95B596e4
szUSDTAddrGoerli 0xB8cAE675b40fa0a8E4576Aef870B04be4fC2400e
szUSDCAddrGoerli 0x5Fbf64d580d812F1b7283a54eE4a192dF8846a8d

Before You Start

Download and Install a Metamask Browser Wallet

Follow the instructions to setup your Metamask Wallet. A Fox Icon should appear on your browser after successful installation.

Get Some GoETH

Step 1 - Ensure you have metamask enabled.
Step 2 - Go to ShuttleOne Faucet​
Step 3 - Click on Goerli Faucet
Step 4 - Copy Metamask Wallet address & Input in Text Box
Step 5 - Check on "I'm not a robot"
Step 6 - Request for 0.05 GoETH
Step 7 - Check Metamask Wallet for Increase of GoETH Balance
Now you are ready!

The ShuttleOne Faucet

The faucet is a tap for free test tokens to interact with the ShuttleOne.Network. This test environment allows our developers to build and run tests on cryptoeconomics, supply and demand markets before it goes into production. We are glad you, the community is coming along to help us participate in this process of development.
Here's how the Faucet UI is like:
The Faucet
The facuet allows you to obtain test tokens (not real assets!) to participate in our ShuttleOne.Network testnets.
First you've to add the test Tokens into your Metamask Wallet.
Second you've to add the test szTokens into your Metamask Wallet.
Step 1 - Copy & Paste All 3 Contracts into your Metamask
Step 2 - Scroll down in your Metamask Wallet to "Add Token" and go to "Custom Token"
Step 3 - Paste the contract address into text box and the token will load automatically
Step 4 - Check all balances of tokens in your Metamask Wallet

Sending Tokens to Yourself

Step 1 - Go back to ShuttleOne Faucet​
Step 2 - Open Metamask Wallet in your browser
Step 3 - Copy the wallet address by clicking on the top center segment
Step 4 - Paste wallet address into the 3 input boxes and click Send
Step 5 - Check Etherscan for Confirmation of Transaction (may take 2-3 mins)
Step 6 - Check Metamask wallet for updating on balance
Now you are ready to supply liquidity to the ShuttleOne.Network TestNet!
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