Case Studies

One network, many uses, maximum impacts.

Philippines: Microloans for Insurance Coverage

The Problem

Gig economy workers do not have the standard bank required data to obtain loans

Beneficiaries turn to high risk loansharks that charge as high as 60% APR

How We Enabled

The ShuttleOne.Network allowed, a benefits company with a few lines of code to integrate a credit scoring and issue loans to beneficiaries to pay for the insurance benefits.

Malaysia: Securing Medical Supplies during the Pandemic

The Problem

COVID19 heightened the scramble for medical supplies.

Merchants are needed to pay in advance to secure stock.

How We Enabled

Chow Feng International Sdn Bhd, provided trade documentation and the ShuttleOne systems disbursed a loan in digital currency.

Merchant transferred digital currency to settle payments in under 10mins via the ShuttleOne.Network

Indonesia: Cooperative Bank Lending

Micro home enterprises in Indonesia

The Problem

Cooperative Banks lack digital infrastructure for risk assessment

Cooperative Banks generally do not attract capital in terms of deposits for the segment they serve

How We Enabled

Onboarded digital risk assessment algorithms to perform robust credit scoring

Disbursed Microloans for bank members to support domestic trade

Singapore: Global Trade Financing

The Problem

Global trade financing is a fragmented and siloed function usually monopolized by International and Investment banks.

Obtaining Finance backed by trade cargo can be costly and inefficient.

How We Enabled

ShuttleOne through institutional partners facilitates lending and debt collection to enable a off and onchain collateral management and credit disbursement to crucial trade corridors.