Cross-chain to Real world

The Metachain ecosystem acts as the gate connecting protocols and people together, including the real world and the new digital world (Web 3). Here are some use cases of how real-world businesses and industries are leveraging Metachain solutions for their real life problems.
Tokenize real-world assets and unlock liquidity Real-world assets can be presented on chains as tokens or NFT (Non-fungible tokens). By tokenizing real-world assets onto blockchain, businesses can gain access to liquidity from investors and liquidity providers who are interested in being exposed to such assets.
In Metachain ecosystem, real-world assets such as trade cargoes or hard assets can be evaluated and unlock liquidity directly with Plug N Play Defi - a Defi-as-a-service solution for real-world businesses. Due to the unbiased and automated nature of Decentralized finance, borrowers that meet the credit requirements can access financing services within 24 hours globally.
With digital platforms that serve a large amount of users and businesses, Plug N Play Defi can be white labelled as part of the platform.
Cross-border payments readily for international growth Borderless businesses require new methods of borderless payments solutions that are fast, secured and scalable. Using crypto infrastructure for digital payments has become more popular as traditional businesses look into new ways of payment.
Using crypto payment infrastructure, businesses can save on time and cost when transacting internationally, even with a small amount.
Businesses in 80 countries can use ShuttleSwap (fiat ramp) and ShuttleWallet (crypto storage) to hold and transact seamlessly between fiat and crypto.
With 80+ support fiat currencies and 3 banking networks (SWIFT, ACH, SEPA), businesses can get in and out of crypto with ShuttleOne in the matter of minutes.