Provide liquidity for $SZO pools
How to add liquidity to $SZO pool on Pancakeswap
Transaction fee: You will receive 0.17% transaction fee from Pancakeswap when provide liquidity to the exchange. The transaction fee is divided equally to your shares in the pool.

How to provide liquidity to $SZO on Pancakeswap

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    Input the amount of SZO - stablecoin pair you want to provide to the liquidity pool (minimum $500 worth of SZO to be eligible for rewards ).
Add wSZO token pair with stablecoins
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    Confirm the liquidity by clicking โ€œEnable wSZOโ€ and accept the transaction request on Metamask.
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    Once the transaction is confirmed, click โ€œSupplyโ€ and confirm the transaction on Metamask.

ShuttleOne Liquidity Reward Program

ShuttleOne will award 1000 SZO + 10% to every liquidity provider that whitelist your address and add liquidity to SZO - stablecoins trading pair for 59 days. The reward will be distributed to the eligible liquidity providers on the 60th day onwards. The liquidity program will start on 1st August - end on 1st October.
How to be eligible:
  • You need to provide a minimum of $400 of stablecoins of liquidity, plus $500 worth of SZO tokens. Stablecoins such as USDC, USDT, DAI are eligible. Liquidity must be provide for 59 days. Reward will be distributed on the 60th day onwards.
  • โ€‹Whitelist your walletโ€‹