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Distribution & Structure

Who gets what, lock timings and vesting periods

The Structure


Unminted Supply - 57.91% 133,200,000 SZO

SZO is designed in terms of functionality akin to how Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) is structured. The unminted supply will only come into circulation whenever there is a network transaction performed by users of the network.
This aligns business development to the performance and utility of the token with the project and circulation. Simply put, if the business does not scale, no tokens are minted.

Early LP Program - 13.58% 31,237,000 SZO

The early LP program is designed to reward early supporters of the network by supplying liquidity in stablecoins into the protocol. Rewards have a 1.5x better rate of emissions compared to the LP Supplier Incentive as described earlier.
The Early LP Program allocation is only for our early beta users and any unclaimed SZO will be opened up for the LP Supplier Incentive after 9 months from the date of trading. Early LPs are locked for 9 months.

LP Supplier Incentive - 14.31% 34,310,660 SZO

The LP Supplier Incentive continually rewards liquidity suppliers to the network. Once the LP Supplier Incentive runs out, new SZO due to payment from our business products will be sent to reward suppliers equally.
This includes 5.763m SZO that is LOCKED in our listing pools upon listing.
Unlocked as Liquidity is supplied into pools.

Team & Equity Investors - 13.59% 31,252,340 SZO

ShuttleOne raised an early seed round backed by several notable investors and have been building the project and its traction from Feb 2019. Some of our backers on our captable include Andromeda Capital, Maker Ecosystem Growth Holdings, Inc, Coinshares and several angels.
All Team & Equity investors are locked for 2 years from the day of listing with tokens vested quarterly for another 2 years.
This aligns the project development and equity investor's long term vision to 4 years in total.

Distribution Avaliable on Trading Day

Potentially 14.91% or 34,310,660 SZO will be farmed in the first year