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Some of the questions that we are frequently asked. Please head over to our community groups should you have any questions.

General Questions

Who use Metachain products?

Institutional partners who are moving from real-world industries to Web 3 development.
By building on Metachain, businesses save time and resources when deploying on blockchain networks. With an in-depth experience in real-world usecases, ShuttleOne has serviced over 13+ industries with real-world usecases in blockchain.

Who borrows from Plug N Play DeFi?

Plug N Play is a real-world usecase for Decentralized Finance technology, created and powered by ShuttleOne.
We build solutions and manage collateral with institutional partners globally to facilitate lending to their existing ecosystems of businesses and consumers. (ie. e-commerce ecosystems, digital platforms, gig economy platforms, fintech companies).
Here's a demo of a project built with a Singapore Government owned company - powered by ShuttleOne's Plug N Play DeFi.

Are user funds in Plug N Play guaranteed?

ShuttleOne believes in the power of decentralized networks (i.e no central point of failure), We do not guarantee user funds, while we try to at best mitigate every possible scenario, please go through our Risk Management & Disclaimers to understand your risks.

Can I go direct from Fiat to ShuttleOne and vice versa?

Yes. Our fiat-ramp in Metachain can help you convert between fiat and cryptocurrencies directly to your bank accounts.
Metachain currently supports the conversion of any tokens directly to bank account in 80 countries.
Users are required to complete KYC with us to use ShuttleSwap.

Why do I need to submit my KYC?

ShuttleOne is undergoing licensing procurement under the new Payments Act in Singapore where Digital Payment Tokens (DPT) and Virtual Service Asset Providers (VASP) are required to comply by law to regulatory obligations.
Please KYC here.

Do you have a code audit on SZO?

Yes we have completed 1 audit with Peckshield.
Please refer to the SZO Code Audit here.

Profit & Earnings Questions

How does ShuttleOne generate a return on my stablecoins?

ShuttleOne deploys the blockchain technology on multiple blockchain to deliver Trade Facility and calculate interests and fees calculation.
Interest are paid out per block on the blockchain which is estimated to be around 15 second per block generation. These returns are generated via real world assets.
Trade Facility
interest rate per second
the number of times the interest is compounded, compounding is once per second, so "n" is seconds past since last calculation
Nominal interest rate (5% would be 0.05)
Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
constant, seconds in a year: 3600 * 24 * 365 = 315360003600⋅24⋅365=31536000

How can the APY% in Stablecoins payout be increased?

If there are more demand for liquidity for loans, and assuming the borrower passes credit risk scoring the borrowing will generate a higher APY% returns for your stablecoins.

How Can I Earn More SZO?

One of the simplest ways earn SZO tokens along with interest rate from your stablecoins is to join ShuttleOne.Network and provide liquidity pool.
The liquidity supply in the network that generates earnings 24/7, therefore the longer you keep the liquidity in the pool the more SZO rewards are mined/farmed.
We will launch ShuttleVaults according to the roadmap. More details to follow.

What is the difference between Early LP Program and LP Supplier Program?

The Early LP Program Token is locked for 9 months, these tokens are reserved for our beta testers that has helped ShuttleOne test out our early products.
There are no difference in reward structures and reward numbers. Early LP Program participants will need to deposit a min of US$50 to unlock their tokens in the same mining structure.

What Are Some of the Roadmaps coming up?

Check out our latest updates and milestones at ShuttleOne's blog

Contact & Official Channels

How Do We Get in Touch?

These are our official channels of communication: