Introducing SZO token
Liquidity Rewards, Mining, Governance and Utility
The SZO token is a utility token that regulates incentivies and secures the network for token holders and suppliers of liquidity in the mining pool.
If you hold the ShuttleOne token (SZO), you get access to higher interest rates that are generated by real world assets collaterals. Businesses that are in need of working capital or growth funds collateralize their real-world assets (such as commodities, purchase orders, cargos, etc.) and get a loan from ShuttleOne.
$SZO is used as the currency for ecosystem platform fees, paid by merchants and consumers that are using ShuttleOne services via our network of partners in banking, fintech, cross-border trade and accounting.
$SZO token is burnt whenever a loan transaction is done successfully via ShuttleOne financing product.

General Information

Token Supply - 230,000,000 SZO
Token Type - ERC20
Inflation - 5% a year or 11.5mil SZO per year.

How can I get SZO token?

Now that you are interested and want to get the token, here are 2 ways to get SZO token.
1. Provide liquidity into the ShuttleOne.Network with your stablecoin (DAI, USDC, USDT) and earn SZO as a reward for supporting the protocol.
2. Buy SZO off exchanges that are listing the token.
ShuttleOne is not doing a token sale, neither are we raising monies via tokens. There are no private sales, nor pools for investment. Please check with our official channels for clarifications.


Usage of ShuttleOne.Network

The primary use case of the SZO token is access payment to utilize the products and services offered by the ShuttleOne.Network to our users.
Merchants who taps on the ShuttleOne.Network of products, for services such as onchain risk management, credit for trade financing, kyb and aml regulatory compliance and remittance pays a fee set by the network in SZO.
Token holders are incentivised by holding onto the SZO token as more SZO is burnt whenever there is a transaction done via the network.

Estimated Burn vs Circulation According to Network Usage

Rewards Mining

Liquidity suppliers to the ShuttleOne.Network enjoys a rate of return per second in SZO that is shared to liquidty providers paid out per block. The rate per 30 days is as follows:
SZOperblock30=0.000000385802469136SZOperblock30 = 0.000000385802469136
Should liquidity suppliers wish to support the network for longer terms the rewards grows exponentially of the above rewards to the power of 1.2.

Governance & Vaults

ShuttleOne will be releasing announcements of Governance & Vaults related details in Q4 2020. We plan to deliver these before Q3 2021.