$RAT, $CAT and $SZO tokens
ShuttleOne assets includes: $RAT, $CAT and $SZO
$RAT (Risk Assessment Token) token: is a non-fungible token (NFT) to store and verify financial documents submitted by merchants and businesses for loans risk assessment.
To get financing from ShuttleOne, businesses are required to submit their current financial data or operational data to the system. The data will be tokenized into a non-fungible RAT token. RAT tokens data are stored on chain and can be verified by parties to prevent double collateralization in real world assets.
This serves as proof for merchants’ financial health (ability to repay their debts) as well as to prevent double collateralization with the same assets, an age old problem of the traditional financial industries.
$CAT (Credit Application Token) token: is a stablecoin issued by ShuttleOne as loans to businesses that apply for ShuttleOne financing services. 1 CAT = 1 DAI = 1 USD.
Businesses will get their loan approval within 72 hours after submitting their required documentations. ShuttleOne then finances the risk assessed loan by issuing CAT tokens according to the Loan to Value ratio that the system permits and directly disburses credit into the merchant’s wallets. The stablecoins that will be provided as loans to businesses are provided from ShuttleOne.Network Liquidity pool.
$RAT and $CAT are enterprise tokens for usage such as our governments and corporate clients. These tokens go into pricing and programing the loan on the blockchain.
Read more on how we tokenize assets to finance cross-border trade in the partnership with GeTS.
$SZO (ShuttleOne Token) token: is a utility token that is used as incentives and security token for token holders and liquidity suppliers of ShuttleOne.Network liquidity pool.
$SZO is rewarded to liquidity providers who participate in ShuttleOne’s liquidity pool, financing trade cargo and businesses around the world with cryptocurrencies.
$SZO is used as the currency for ecosystem platform fees, paid by merchants and consumers that are using ShuttleOne services via our network of partners in banking, fintech, cross-border trade and accounting.
$SZO token is burnt whenever a loan transaction is done successfully via ShuttleOne financing product.
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